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“He sets well-structured training that is both challenging and highly effective.”

It’s been great working with Tim since the winter of 2015, being my brother he understands how to get the best out of me, and as a coach he sets well-structured training that is both challenging and highly effective. His coaching style is very versatile and skilfully works with and around team training camps and frequent travelling with the team.

Peter Kennaugh

MBE – Professional for Team BORA-hansgrohe and Olympic gold medalist

“Tim has a great knowledge of the racing and training aspect of cycling.”

I have worked with Tim since he joined the team in 2012 and post-Rio Olympics have been using him as my coach. He has helped improve my endurance and threshold, which enables me to get to the finish of Criterium races fresher and increases my chances of taking the win. Tim has a great knowledge of the racing and training aspect of cycling and has a positive influence on the morale of the team.

Ed Clancy

OBE – Multiple World and Olympic gold medalist

“Tim’s a great coach: personable, diligent, gives feedback when you need it.”

I have been a client of Tim’s for over 3 years now, and I hope we’ll continue working together for a long time yet. Tim’s a great coach: personable, diligent, gives feedback when you need it (whether you ask for it or not) and more.
At the most routine level Tim helps me plan and get the most out of my limited time for training, making sure it is specific to the kinds of events I like to do. I’m not a racer but I love the knowledge and wisdom that Tim adds to my cycling, it’s really complementary to my background. Cycling is every bit as much about the mind as the body and Tim has made a terrific difference to both in a way I couldn’t have done on my own.

Jamie Ballin

Extreme Sportive Cyclist



post2 ” I started working with Tim in November 2015 and since then have gone from strength to strength. The 2017 season was my most successful year to date, earning me a pro contract with Team Sky. Tim’s training is tailored exactly to fit my needs not just as a rider but as a person too. The sessions are challenging and race specific, and feedback is prompt and motivating.”
– Chris Lawless

post2 “The training that Tim sets is extremely varied, it’s not just same old same old. I find that I’m never repeating the same workout, unless I ask for certain sessions to be more frequent. Each block of training is both challenging and exciting. I always enjoy seeing myself progress, and with the structure and intensity I am provided with, I am very content with my progress.”
– Ed Laverack

post2 “I came into contact with Tim in 2014 after looking for a coach who would be able to assist me in getting results and consistently improve. I received this and much more. Tim has been able to give me not only cutting edge training information, but assistance in all areas of the cycling spectrum, from nutrition to recovery, racing tactics and the psychological construct associated with such a tough sport, Tim has revolutionized the way I approach cycling. Personally, the most satisfying aspects of working with Tim have been his ability to utilize his own cycling experiences and high level of knowledge; coupled with his passion for the sport and his energetic persona to create huge improvements in various areas of my cycling career thus far. Whether you are a novice just entering the sport or an experienced professional looking for a top level coach I would highly recommend Tim to boost your cycling ability.”
– Joe Higginson

post2 “I have worked with Tim for close to a year now and the improvements I’v made in that time have been huge: in both my physical development and overall racing knowledge and understanding. I have really benefited from having a structure to my training and a better understanding of how I can improve in certain areas and what is required to make those improvements. Tim has an extensive knowledge base of all things cycling and is easy to talk to, answer questions/queries and bounce ideas off. His training plans are tailored to suit your lifestyle and aspirations. They’re structured but adaptable and the vast array of different sessions keep things fresh and interesting to maintain motivation. But most importantly they work! His feedback is really encouraging and I believe he is committed to wanting you to achieve what you desire on the bike.”
– Emyr Davies

review1-compressor “Hi Tim, Bloody hell I’m turning into a different rider. Strong field today and the course is not the fastest and not the quickest day. I won the event in 51.21, not far off the course record held by Richard Prebble at his best on a float day. But I think the fact I won by 2 mins and put in 4 mins over a big rival who is going well and winning events in his own right says a lot for the training you given me over the last few weeks, it’s a game changer. Still, there’s more to come and it gives me a lot of confidence knowing that my training is putting me in the best shape I can be.”
– Mike Ford

post2 ““What do you do to take your cycling to the next level? Whether you ride competitively, recreationally, or just to improve your fitness – you hire a coach. But as a 58 year old woman who took up road cycling as the only physical activity allowed by her doctors after a serious injury – hiring a coach is a daunting task. If you are looking for a coach who knows his stuff, shares his knowledge, and listens to you, creating a personal program for you to succeed – you need Tim. Thank you Tim for all you’ve done for me this year! Can’t wait for next season!”
– Sara Foland

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